Exterior  steam  washing :
Experience the hi-tech latest STEAM vapor technology to give your ACar’s exterior, a sparkling new look. Heat & pressure combination creates a powerful cleaning solution that melts away dirt, grime, oil, tar, bird droppings and various types of dirt. Our fully imported steam vapor washing machines cleans your car as well as waxes it simultaneously to give your car  a wash’n’shine you always wanted. Moreover it is eco friendly also as it uses only 4-5 liters of water for cleaning.
  Interior steam cleaning:

Carpets, fabric seats, side panels, roof tops and whole interior are cleaned with steam, shampoo spray extraction, which is practically the only way to get rid of dirt and stains.

Steam Vapor system is used to flush out & kill dust mites from air ventilation & ducts.

Steam Vapor is used to flush out small particles from edges & corners while killing germs & bacteria from food/drink spills. Steam vapor extraction not only cleans better, removes stains from the seats, carpets, but it also disinfects and kills bacteria-germs that causes bad odor.

   Ozone treatment:

We also treat your car with ozone after interior steam cleaning to make it germ-free. Further it sterilizes interior & helps purify the air quality and removes any and all odor in car cabin, thus helping you prevent any health risks.

Interior protection :
The UV rays from the Sun and your hectic schedules mar the finish of your cars dashboard, upholstery fabric, vinyl/leather.

After complete interior steam vapor shampoo extraction cleaning these protection / treatments can be undergone.

Fabric-Guard creates an invisible non-stick shield against liquid spills, protects upholstery against fading caused by Sunlight, and extends life of fabric, making your seats look newer longer.

Dashboard and all plastic/fiber parts are cleaned and spayed/ buffed up with special solvent based materials to regain its shine & luster and protect them from future fading, minor scratches and dust deposits

Our special conditioner & protector works to keep every treated vehicles interior looking new by forming a protective layer against fading, discoloration & deterioration caused by harsh Sunlight, extreme temperature, water & age. It works well with used vehicles too! A onetime treatment can help to rejuvenate the looks & feel of used leather and vinyl

Exterior protection :
The exterior of today’s cars are extremely sensitive to environment damage. Your cars paint, tires, glasses and rubber/fiber parts takes all the beatings of temperature and pollution.

After complete steam wash of vehicle these protection / treatments can be undergone:

1. Paint Sealant / Protection
Over the time cars paint erodes due to the effects of sunlight, UV radiation, acid rain, salt, dirt, bird droppings, air pollution. Our PTFE based polymer paint sealant creates slippery, slick barrier that protects the paint finishes, reduces fading & oxidation of paint. It repels dirt & grime, accelerates water run-off to reduce spotting, smoothens weathered surfaces and removes minor scratches.

The benefits of paint sealant / protection includes:
Long lasting showroom shine. It will keep new vehicles looking new and releases the full potential of older vehicles. Quick and easy cleaning. Requires only mild waxing for regular gloss enhancement. Helps to maximize your cars resale value. Less maintenance – simply washing with a shampoo will make your paint look like new Drag efficiency – The high gloss finish reduces drag and increases your vehicles aerodynamic efficiency.

2. Engine room Protection

Keeping an engine clean does more than just enhance its appearance. Rust prevention, early oil/fluid leak detection, early belts wear detection are among the prime reason.

Our special non-petroleum based degreaser are sprayed & steamed thoroughly to clean all parts in engine room. Utmost care is taken of sensitive parts by covering them with plastic bags before-hand to avoid damages by moisture.

In the end we spray coat an fast drying clear acrylic lacquer which is non-peeling, non-yellowing, non-fading, all weather resistant, protecting the engine/ engine bay components from moisture and corrosion whilst enhancing the appearance.

Anti-rust treatment :

Modern vehicle bodies are assembled from a large nos. of formed steel parts / sections. The sheet metal is less than one millimeter thick & in some areas even thinner due to the press operation. Individual sections are spot-welded or bonded to form a single, integral body. Consequently, there are a large number of gaps, flanges and cavities, where dirt and moisture can collect and start the process of rusting. In the heat affected zone of welding, the steel undergoes changes increasing the vulnerability to corrosion.

Carz Spa treats you car with special solvent based antirust coating with life time* warranty.

Under-Body Coating :

Carz Spa sourced undercoating material is a scientifically formulated sound barrier, it provides a quieter ride by keeping out irritating squeaks, rattles, tire whine & road vibration.  Your car is in constant close proximity of the hot tar in summer but it stays cooler in summer with our undercoating.

Glass Treatment :
The exterior of today’s cars are extremely sensitive to environment damage. Your cars paint, tires, glasses and rubber/fiber parts takes all the beatings of temperature and pollution.

After complete steam wash of vehicle these protection / treatments can be undergone:

1. Anti Glare
More than 3 years old vehicles windscreen develops a film due to sun exposure and other environmental damages. The windscreens’ plastic elements tend to pale (bluish) over the period of time. This causes spreading of headlight beams of oncoming vehicles.        Special imported chemical powder is polished by glass polishing equipments to give brand new finish to windscreen and remove the film. The renewed glass gives crystal clear view in nights. Antiglare effect stays on renewed windscreen for next 3 years.
2. Anti Rain ( Nano glass coating)

Based on chemical nanotechnology, the synthesized product contains specially modified functional nano particles that are specially linked into a silicon matrix in a solvent base. Nano glass coating material, when applied on glass surface forms a thin layer with excellent roll off behavior for water and oil liquids. Simplifying the removal of diet and scaly residue. It gives better vision at night, has low cleaning and maintenance, and is water repellent.


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